Non-Fungible Albums

The music, the visual arts and stories we create for the megastars that we dreamt of and fabricated.

A near future classıc
Everything that you see here are ours. We bypass the mundanities and problems of the real world. We create a more vibrant reality for artists and fans of art.
Non-Fungible cassettes:
2/3 series launched (10/15 nfts released)
10/10 of the released nfts sold

Non-Fungible cds:
2/3 series launched (10/15 nfts released)
8/10 of the released nfts sold

Experience our music that we wrote and produced in a wide range of styles via our cassettes and CDs with different record labels, (like ETH Records, BTC Music, Sol Record Co.) unique barcodes, unique designs. We even write and produce the stories of our musicians and bands as radio, magazine interviews and newspaper news.

The stories behind the music and their respective artists will expand further with the follow up collections – all of which will preserve the uniqueness of the original collections. Every collection will add value and pay homage to each other.
non-fungıble cassettes and non-fungıble cds

Our ERC-721 contracts, listed on OpenSea.
Our project wallet is ice-cold, that means super-safe.

Cassettes and CDs
OG collections with their own ERC-721 contracts, listed on OpenSea.
Cover Arts
By leading visual artists from the NFT space. Click the title to see the artists.
Third OG collection... Third and final edition of the albums' title tracks after the cassettes and CDs. Holding the cassette and CD of an album will get you the Vinyl edition via airdrop!
Avatar Project
The 1000 piece pfp project based on our fictional musicians! Simple as that...
Album Tracks
This is where the creator community for musicians will be built. All the remaining tracks of the albums other than the title tracks from the cassettes, CDs and vinyls will be produced by a big team of musicians/music producers.
Non-fungıble albums and ıts future communıty

We intend to become a pioneer with our narrative and system for the NFT space.

We are not using the word "community" lightly. The cover arts collection is created by leading visual artists of the NFT space.
The music NFTs of the album tracks will be multi edition music NFTs created by a big team of musicians. In both collections, the creators will have 95% royalty. That, is a true creator community and proof that we are not in this only for ourselves. We're in this for art, artists and to become a classic for the NFT world.

With Us
Our team is doxxed. Other than being the 3d artist of NFA, Can Artsan is the music composer and producer of the OG collections; Non-Fungible Cassettes, Non-Fungible CDs and Non-Fungible Vinlys. He is a Berklee graduate musician, his real name is Mahir Can Küçük.
Mert Tanatmis is our 2D designer. He is a Toronto based UX designer working for Commersive Solutions.
Main Teaser!
A TV Program from 1984!
Another one from 1988!
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